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It’s about the Vina

I have mostly written about my personal feelings about this experience, particularly the loca parts….but this is really about the vina.  I haven’t really described how I spent my summer and some of the key learnings of setting up a vineyard: Once planted in March, I mistakenly thought I was just supposed to let the vines grow all year, in order to make strong roots.  I put 30 inch grow tubes around the plants, to protect against the rabbits, and…

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Summer Chicken Project — Update (Sept 9th)

As if we didn’t have enough going on, we added chickens to the farm this summer, as a summer project.  Liv wanted chickens, and they seemed like pets that produce food, so what would be the harm! In June, we went online to to check out the choices.  That website has listed every chicken known to man.  The choices can be sorted and filtered every which way to find the chickens of your dreams.  We chose chickens that were…

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